Realizing that photographing people in their special moments and day-to-day lives was my own way of capturing their history for them, I began to specialize in location shoots. After my grandmother and mother's passing both some years ago, I realized the significance of family history as seen through photographs. I look to my parent's and grandparent's photo albums for inspiration.

Understanding that these times in our lives only come but once..only a season, and we move on, the photos that are taken in these times have a unique mark of history for that person, the family, and other loved ones. Although I have shot studio portraiture in the past, I thoroughly enjoy location more and I think the client does also. It brings a sense of realness, truth, and fun to the shoot in moments that are captured by the camera. The galleries in this specialization include Engagement, Wedding, Senior, Family, and Maternity sessions.

Also found in this genre, is a gallery called Men At Work. It's one of my favorite bodies of work, as it began to grow, it seemed, on its own. I always tended to come back from a trip or a shoot with images of men working in various ways. From cowboys to James Wolf, a Cherokee Indian who tours with the Tsalagi Cherokee Group, so that people may not forget the traditions of the Eastern Cherokee. He has even spoke at the Smithsonian Museum and passed on to listeners the tales of the Cherokee. From firemen in training to steam locomotive engineers..I enjoy the vast challenges of photographing in quick moments and unique perspectives.