Ponies of the Virginia Highlands II (Roundup & Auction)

The Wilburn Ridge Pony Association is charged with the care of the Ponies of the Virginia Highlands and what a great job they do! Population of the herds must be kept to reasonable number for the protection of the ponies and the mountains. Once a year in September, the Wilburn Ridge Pony Association camps out at Grayson Highlands and begins a week long “roundup ” of the ponies. Generally herds are found and lured to the pens by grain. Health checks are done, worming, farrier, etc..and older foals and yearlings are weaned that week from the herd and readied for auction on fourth Saturday of September on the grounds at Grayson Highlands State Park. All proceeds go back to the care of the ponies and the local volunteer fire department. In the winter, supplemental hay and salt blocks are brought to the ponies to aid in their winter on the mountain.