Anatolian Shepherd Puppies First Formal Portraits! Natural light, a lot of chase, and many laughs! Welcome to the Fun E Farm, Artemis & Apollo ! 


K-9s in Flight is an amazing traveling dog entertainment talent show! These Air Mutts are rescued from the streets and shelters across America and trained to showcase amazing feats of skill and bravery! What a great family show! Bright sun and action photography is many times best pursued with flash, either on camera or off.

Joe was our first introduction to the Anatolian Shepherd breed, although mixed with Chow, he carried many of the  attributes of the Anatolian Shepherd. Notice his dark eye markings which is typical for the Anatolian Shepherd. He guarded our farm for 15 years. Even tempered, self-confident, and always on the move around the farm ! 

Examples of location portraiture work using off-camera flash with remotes in a variety of ways. Elijah & Salah on outside location in Ashe County, NC, and Greer, Darcey, & Chase in the comfort of their home in Moore County, NC. This shot is a well executed “high key” background shot totally on location. 

Patche was one of my favorite subjects through the years, perhaps because she was never far from where I was, whether I was photographing the stars at night or catching early morning light, Patche was there. The image with her in the green was inspired one hot August morning as I was doing an outside location portrait shoot with a local beauty queen and I noticed the green of the dogwood and thought to come back later in the day and work that subject. Patche, of course, followed me back and promptly laid in the shade and she became one of my favorite “fine art” images. Later in her life, she became blind in one eye but that never stopped her from following me to the woods, one day I saw composition again and Patche among the tall fall trees is another favorite of a great dog! Rest in peace, old girl! These images are produced with the combination of flash, natural light, and experienced processing. 

Fun E Farm Artemis is an extraordinarily beautiful dog! He receives many compliments if he happens to be on a trip off the farm. Artemis Joe as we call him(it’s a nod to his predecessor, Joe) is even tempered, loving, always a wagging tail, and as our vet says “a gentle giant”. He has become a favorite to photograph as he is always so easy to manage. The light in these images is why morning light is such a preferred light; it’s clean and angled. I look forward to many more years of working with Artemis behind the lens. 

BJay…there are no words for this little piece of dynamite. A mix of  Jack Russell terrier and probable cow dog, he is a beautiful temptation for people. He is NOT friendly but wants to be loved and always ready to pose. This black and white image utilizing side window light along with Bjay’s  expression made this portrait a stand-out ! 

Annabelle, what a dog! I have known many Border Collies in my lifetime but never ever an Annabelle! Smart, clever, independent, talented, not nice, but what an intellect she had! A work ethic that was driven, forceful, and tough. The image with her carrying the leaf received national attention in a couple of competitions. I was photography student of the month nationally for Mac-on-Campus and this image was part of my portfolio that year. I photographed Annabelle many times in many different scenarios from speed and movement to portraiture. She was even our business mascot and never tired of being photographed. She never let me down. Even in her old age, if she saw a camera come out, she would come to pose. She knew exactly how to do her job. 

These three images are examples of my portraiture work on location. The Mardi Gras dog is a Giant Schnauzer and I was working with studio lights on location in a client’s home. This particular image has always been a favorite of people and the prints sell. I do intend to do more work with props and lights and a willing model ! The last two images I did one fall afternoon for a friend. I knew her beloved dogs were getting older and she had no quality images. The little Jack Russell was hard to photograph as he was camera shy. He did not like the lens pointed at him nor did he like the flash. It took a while to be able to get him to relax and I got this wonderful image as he put his attention briefly elsewhere. The bigger black dog was much loved and her days were growing short due to leg and hip issues. Kendall was a wonderful loyal dog!

Farm Dogs ! Marshall and Annabelle moved to the Fun E Farm with us in 2005. Annabelle loved the farm as did Marshall. Annabelle took care of the horses every day and never was too far from the pasture fenceline. She and the buckskin gelding are buried next to each other up on the hill. Marshall is just a few steps away. He was a beautiful dog all of his days. Good natured, albeit shy, but loved children! This is one of my favorite images of him. He posed! 

This image is a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons. First, I love the composition and the subject. Second, I don’t normally ever shoot street photography because, honestly, it makes me nervous, but this photograph presented itself and I never tire of it. It’s just a fun, perfectly composed, voyeuristic image of a man walking his dog on the beach on a winter’s day. Simple, black and white. 

Clip is a dog I rarely photograph as a subject. She is present in many informal photographs on our farm but seldom is she the subject. She has never been an easy subject. Although a pretty dog, sweet, and compliant, she is rarely still and easily interrupted. Her attention span is not long. As she has aged, I have made a deliberate attempt to get a few more recent photographs of her. This image was as she just got home from a day trip at the groomers. She was tired, thirsty, hungry, and still. 

Zeppelin, what a personality! He is study in loyalty to his beloved owner, Matthew. I was in Wilmington visiting my daughter and son-in-law and using the trip for some NC landscape photography work to gain some portfolio and see what I might come across. We were at Carolina Beach State Park hiking and came across a vista of the Cape Fear River. What astounded me the most was Zeppelin’s actions! His owners went to look and see and lean on the railings and so did Zeppelin, he gazed up and down the river as interested as his owners were at the view. I got several photographs as Zeppelin stayed perched up on the rails for as long as Matthew did. What his owner did, he was gonna do and I always felt that these two photographs captured that zeal of Zeppelin’s bond with Matthew and Bobbie. The dog was with his family. 

Bailey and Clip, two of our farm dogs. Bailey came to us as a rescue eight years ago. She is another dog who is hard to photograph. She is busy, busy, busy. An energetic hound, although a beautiful little dog with the best expressions, and perfect saddle markings, but to catch Bailey still even for a second is almost miraculous. I have been photographing her more recently because of her approaching age and trying to make her a subject. She is usually a dog in the background. This particular image of Clip is one of my favorites of her. Her expressions have changed as she has aged and this photograph most certainly illustrates that. 

The Anatolians at 6 months in their first snowstorm! This set of four images is among my favorite canine set ever shot ! It was extremely challenging to keep up with the pups as they made their way across the pasture and to the woods and playing in snow the whole while. I knew I wanted a cohesive set of images and had to shoot constantly and move about quickly to put myself in place for the photographs I wanted. Being pups they didn’t stay in one place much and I wanted to be able to photograph their exploration and excitement. I loved catching glimpses of their Anatolian Livestock Guardian natures, the running on the trail after a scent, the flagging of the tails in the last image. I was careful in processing of these images to ensure continuity in white balance and color.