Smoke in the Storm-Blog Post 5

A photographer is never sure from where the next photo will come..we always try to be ready by dutifully carrying our cameras wherever we go, but sometimes a moment sneaks up on us. In this […]

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Bob & Faith-Blog Post 4

In the fall of 2012, I took advantage of an opportunity and signed up for the last “View Camera” class offered at McDowell Technical Community College. Film was quickly being put on a back-burner, and […]

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The Kids-Blog Post 3

  I wrote this original post six years to the day that this photo was taken ! An idyllic childhood…was shared between these four children, wading the creeks, playing hide and see in the corn […]

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Happy Father’s Day-Post 2

Happy Father’s Day !! My favorite photograph of my family! A moment remembered…a day in May, 1998 ! We were celebrating the end of Bobbie’s first grade school year…we promised the kids a picnic and […]

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Why I Photography Blog-Post 1

PHOTOGRAPHY….shows us who we were, who we are, glimpses of who we might become, where we have been, and places we might be going…PHOTOGRAPHY…documents our lives by giving us visual remembrances, so that we may […]

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