The Kids-Blog Post 3

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I wrote this original post six years to the day that this photo was taken ! An idyllic childhood…was shared between these four children, wading the creeks, playing hide and see in the corn patch at night , sleepovers…and hardly sleeping..playing…running through the woods, pushing each other on kiddie cars, tea parties, dress up, and every game that childhood could offer. The significance of this photo wasn’t realized that day in June ..but this is the last photo showing the four best friends of childhood running and playing. These children have grown up. All four live in separate cities and towns throughout the state, holding good jobs, being successful students, one is happily married…they are living happy lives. Even today though..they call each other on the phone, share important events with each other , and invite the others to milestone events in their lives. They are connected by the happy childhood they shared..a photo, many times only captures a moment…this one…the years of childhood.

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