Happy Father’s Day-Post 2

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Happy Father’s Day !! My favorite photograph of my family! A moment remembered…a day in May, 1998 ! We were celebrating the end of Bobbie’s first grade school year…we promised the kids a picnic and fishing trip to Wildcat Lake with us and their visiting grandparents from Louisiana. Bobbie Faith was five and Morgan was almost three years old. My husband is young…Bobbie is hugging close to her daddy, filled with curiosity and apprehension, ready to run in a moment’s notice, if something comes out of that water towards them..Morgan, true to form…watching, observing…thinking. I sometimes think that I have been taking photographs longer than I care to count..this was shot with film! I know I have many more film images yet to scan and bring to digital life, but in honor of Father’s Day..this photo gets first on the list. Obviously, I am shooting against the light..a golden haze over the landscape…contrasts only in the deep shadows, the blues, greens, and golds, always make me think of the mountains! These two small children are grown now..almost 23 and 21 ! Their daddy is still the caring, patient, loving father that is exemplified in this photograph. There’s never been a day, before or since this moment, that he has not strived to be a warm father, a loving husband, and a good man! We think he has succeeded..for every second he has loved all of us! Happy Father’s Day, Matt, from Sarah, Bobbie Faith, & Morgan. We love you.

Originally published Father’s Day 2014

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