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Welcome to the AKC dog sport of FastCAT(Coursing Ability Test)! It’s a  timed 100 yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure! Its over in seconds and photography has to be quick, focused, and beautiful. Every AKC breed and AKC Canine Partners mixed breeds may participate at events. In the following gallery showcasing two recent events held by The  Dalmatian Club of the Piedmont in Charlotte, North Carolina, one may view many different breeds from Dalmatians to Shetland Sheepdogs to Border Collies to German Shepherds and dogs of all mix and sizes. To learn more about this sport, read all about it at 

Canine facial expressions of determination, grit, curiosity, and the simple joy of running may be seen on all of these dogs! These images are just a few of the hundred plus competitors that ran their hearts out at these two events.