Paws and Hooves

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Dalmatian Valentines


Puppy Playtime Portrait Session


Bentley & Sylvia Portrait Session


Kaiserin’s First Summer on the Farm


Blowing Rock Horse Show Hunter-Jumper II



Kaiserin  Puppy  Pics



Puppy Playdate with Spots Galore



A Game of Cat & Mouse



Zeppelin gets a little Sister! 



A Dalmatian in the House! 

“Gaelic’s Don’t Stop Believin” aka “Journey”. Her first photo session at 3 months of age! 



Red, White & Belews Farm

An early morning summer visit to the farm! Llamas, goats, chickens and twins all make for a fun photo session! 



Zero’s First Photoshoot

Zero is a gray 10 month old rescue kitten from the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina and now playing safely at home with his new buddy, Snickers! 



Wedding Bells Ring

A June wedding in the mountains! 



Molly Pop and Molly Polly Doodle All Day

Two Mollies and a BJay  modeling session! 



Kendall and Kasey Senior Portraits

A quick formal modeling session with two beautiful subjects!



Bobbie Faith’s Cats

Candids and formals of Cassie, Mattie, & Simon



In Memoriam (2002-2022)

The great dogs of the Fun E Farm…a pack never to be forgotten! 

Annabelle, Marshall, Joe, Patche, Lily, Clip, and Molly



The Horses of the Fun E Farm

Bo, Cutter, and Smoke



The  Dogs of the Fun E Farm

Apollo, Artemis, Bailey, Bjay, and Kaiserin



Anatolians First Snow

Following and photographing six month old curious puppies through the woods in their first snow! 



Apollo and Artemis in Snow Motion



Mardi Gras Portrait

Chili is a Louisiana native and loves to celebrate!






Anatolian Puppies

A candid first photo session for Apollo and Artemis! 



Animal Travel Photography

As I travel I am always on the watch to photograph animals whether domestic or in the wilderness. Animals are always a favorite subject and whether seen working in a rodeo, a dog show, or playing, timing is everything and to try and capture decisive moments is the goal. Traveling, seeing, and photographing can be a difficult task but oh, so fun and always meaningful. 


A Visit to King Ranch 


A Day at the Races


K9s in Flight


Casting for Hope


Full Military Honors


Horses in the Arena


The Wild Ponies of the Virginia Highlands


The Annual Wild Pony Fall Auction