Mattie is a Siamese cat, need I say more? She will entertain visitors at her desire, if  not, a quick swipe of her paw is in order. Fortunately, if  Mattie is in her tomato box, a photographer has a good chance of being in her good graces as she is most likely in her most welcoming frame of mind. To photograph cats you must be able to read their moods and try to predict their actions. Always talk to their owners and get their ideas on how best to approach their cat. Mattie’s blue eyes and striking dark facial features make her a beautiful feline subject. 

Simon is a Boston Siamese. They appear to be a friendlier version of Siamese cat. Mattie and  Simon are catmates in New Hanover, County, NC. Simon is photogenic and easy cat to photograph. He does not scare easily and is more likely to hold his pose. When photographing cats always be prepared for the unexpected. Finding him asleep on a bench in the home, window light was in abundance on one side, thus a natural split light portrait was able to made and more dramatics naturally added to the image. 

Snickers is a recent addition to the Fun E Farm. He is a rescue and a fortunate cat indeed to have had the people that cared for him before he came to the farm. He will be moving soon into the arms and home of a young couple, and these images appear to show that he is comfortable, playful, and most willing to love and be loved by his new owner. Photographing a confident, friendly cat is a pleasure. These are natural light images, however, with a cat this confident a photographer could set up flash and remotes and not worry the cat at all. The key to successful cat photography is waiting and being prepared.