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All the details about me, wedding photography, portrait photography, and pricing ! 

About Me ! 

What comes to my mind immediately is...I am older, I am extremely good natured, I am an accomplished, award winning, formally-educated photographer, and I love photographing horses most of all! I have had a horse in my life every single day of my life! I always look for more opportunities to photograph horses. With that being said, I love photographing weddings and engagements because of the excitement of the day; I enjoy pushing myself to every limit to attain the beautiful love-filled photographs that I know are possible on location. I love portraiture because I love to see people smile and be happy. I am an optimistic personality, so I see happy and fun in almost every place I look. I am an explorer by nature so travel photography is something I love to experiment and play with as I move about the state and country. Exploring state parks and hunting for that elusive blue heron photograph I continually aspire to day that image will happen. I love to hike, and I love to work on water landscapes..generally the more swamp the better ! Growing up in South Louisiana, I have an affinity for the landscape in which I grew up and love images by C.C. Lockwood from when he was a young man and photographing the Atchafalaya Swamp. I am constantly working on my collection of images from places I love to go such as Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia to photograph the wild ponies who live there, Wilmington, North Carolina for its beautiful East Coast Southern style, and I really want to go photograph the Great Plains..that's gonna take a few trips. 

My pricing philosophy is that all event and portraiture photography should be professional and affordable. 

So call me, email me, text me and let's talk. I believe every one should have photographs of special life moments, people, animals, and places. Its for this generation and the next. 



Specializing in intimate, outdoor ceremonies whether spring, summer, fall, or winter, my images express my journalistic, traditional style of wedding photography from the pre-ceremony getting-ready shots to details such as location, rings, bouquet, and decor to the storytelling of a moving ceremony to a beautiful reception. 

Preparation of photographing a wedding takes time, forethought, and conversation. From deriving a "shot list", actually scouting and visiting the various locations of the wedding day and truly listening and asking questions in preparation for the events of the day, I develop a sense of what the bride and groom and their families are anticipating in the images they wish to see from the day. I enjoy developing a rapport with the bride, groom, and family members and on the wedding day that time spent pays dividends in having a stress-free, communicative, enjoyable, and productive day ! 

From photographing weddings in the Colorado Rockies in the winter to spring engagements across the Carolinas, I love to visit the places and incorporate as much location portraiture as possible. My personal style is to shoot using natural light and a mix of on and off-camera flash. Generally I photograph with two cameras equipped with flash on my body at all times, whether utilizing  fast zoom or prime lenses, I am ready for the special moments which present themselves as the day proceeds. I come equipped to every ceremony with two camera bodies, two flashes, and a variety of professional lenses. I move quickly and need my equipment to move easily with me as well. 

By viewing my Wedding/Engagement gallery, you may receive a solid impression of a session's quality and style. Fully-edited images will be presented, all in story-telling, documentary perspective. Every bride and groom have unique ideas on the types of images they wish to have from their wedding and many times these ideas arise simply because of the beauty of the location of their outdoor wedding. Detailed questions are asked and answered(with shot list in hand) before the day of the wedding, many times these questions arise naturally on the initial consultation/scout of the venue with the couple and a decision about a potential photograph is made. Elopement weddings are becoming quite popular as they are smaller, more casual, sometimes impromptu, and generally easy to plan for the couple and the guests. Living on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I am in an excellent location to be able to head north  toward Blowing Rock or south toward Asheville and Brevard for an afternoon of celebration. Coverage for an elopement wedding starts at 2.5 hours with pricing beginning at $565. 


Portraiture is a genre of photography that is  rewarding as it requires time, precision, knowledge, and luck. Time is needed as many subjects have to warm to the photographer, the lens, sometimes the light of a flash, before the images begin to appear progressively on the LCD screen of the camera. Some subjects shine immediately in front of a camera lens..some  have to be coaxed and waited out for their moments to appear. Knowledge is needed from the photographer for lighting, f/stops, shutter speed, lens use, ISO. Every location is different and requires knowledge of how best to photograph in that location for that time of day. A portraiture session generally lasts an hour and a half and can be more if circumstances demand. When shooting family sessions, I like to find a location within easy distance of the subjects home, terrain that is manageable for all ages, preferably in the golden light of day whether early morning or evening. We walk, and we talk, and we photograph. This provides a rhythm to the session, a freshness of location, and various backgrounds for the session. Session costs for people portraiture is $225  for 1.5 hours, 25 maximum edited digital images, and  travel within a 60 mile radius of my home in Spruce Pine. 

Animal Portraiture can be challenging and ever changing, it requires extreme patience and sometimes a lot of waiting and more times than not, more than one session to get a required photograph, this is especially true of horses. If it is studio/home/stable animal portraiture, we can set a price for the session during an initial consultation as several factors are controlled by lighting and weather. Variable factors can include personality of the animal, shy vs outgoing, skittish vs confident, and number of animals to be photographed in one image. Animal portraiture is an absolute favorite and specialty of mine. A lifelong love of animals has provided me with a sensitivity to their individual natures, a keen insight to what is about to happen and be ready to capture the image.